Your Heart In My Hands

Rosemary White

A collection of accessible poetry that chart the shared milestones experienced by all parents, from pregnancy to teething, weaning to returning to work, their first step, to their first day at school and many more. They range from the humorous to those that touch the heart and pull on the gut. 

As a working mum of three (Isaac 5, Imogen 2 and Jessie 11 mths) I felt compelled to channel the deluge of experiences and emotions parenthood has brought me. As every parent knows, they grow too quick and leave us too fast. I began to write in an attempt to 'bottle' moments in time...lest I forget.

Parenthood itself is an amazing journey that takes a huge investment (financial and emotional). A wealth of inspiration, there are countless moments in time that every parent will recognise and it is these and the emotions that come hand in hand with them, I have tried to capture in my easy to read poetry. Poems to share with other parents, poems that reflect your own thoughts and feelings and poems to read at key events in your life.

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Your Heart in my Hands
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